Published May 4, 2022

International Telecoms Week is right around the corner, taking place May 9-12 in National Harbor, MD, and Ascent will be onsite in attendance — and we don’t know about you, but we’re thrilled to be in the middle of events season, and back to meeting more people in person!

Even more exciting this year is the release of the Amazon bestselling book, Greener Data. The multi-author book delivers the thoughts, actions, and perspectives of leaders in the data center and network infrastructure industry as it relates to reducing carbon emissions. The book is a flagship of commitment and movement to those seeking to reduce the footprint the industry has on the Earth as a whole.

Robert Painter, President of Ascent, is one of 24 industry thought leaders in the book, and he speaks to the many options and opportunities that can make implementing efficiencies easier than one might think. With the sector expected to own 14 percent of greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, it’s no surprise that customers of data center operators are strongly seeking the ways in which to implement sustainable practices, according to a recent study by 451 Research.

Furthermore, Ascent’s Greener Data book chapter explains the five main areas that are most often missed when operators are wanting to execute greener operations, including the proactive steps they can take to save energy and reduce carbon emissions faster than ever.

Join us in celebrating the release of such a monumental and timely book! There will be a LIVE celebratory event hosted by Jaymie Scotto & Associates, Monday, May 9th, 4:00 pm EST, located near registration. Spaces are limited so be sure to arrive early!

If you’re interested in pre-booking your meeting with a member of Ascent’s leadership team today, click here.

Purchase your very own copy of Greener Data here.

See you at ITW!