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Ascent Design-Build for Data Centers

Allowing for continuous execution of design and construction

Ascent as the single source team can ensure smooth project delivery while mitigating reliability risks and data center construction pitfalls. We know how to manage data center builds and critical projects for system scalability and operational maintainability, from the beginning, so they can be effectively and easily maintained for the next 20 years or more. Our new site builds are fully turnkey—from conceptual design and permit processing to general contracting and commissioning. We want to enable you to take advantage of all the synergies and efficiencies involved with a totally in-house process. By using our turnkey approach and expertise you reduce risk, save time and money, and maintain a single trusted relationship from start to finish.

Our Data Center Design-Build Services include the following facets:

We offer management services across the project life cycle – from the planning phase of infrastructure design to facilities management services at the project’s completion. Because project management is a core business for us, our managers have documented/standardized steps to thoroughly complete each phase of the management process.

At the design phase, our professionals engineer redundancy, reliability and maintainability into your mission-critical facilities based on your operational and business requirements. Our path from engineering to deployment of your critical facilities is seamless – with minimal delay, maximum uptime and significant cost savings for your organization. Ascent’s data center engineering strengthens your business resiliency by leveraging equipment advances in power, cooling and control technologies; identifying and capitalizing on opportunities where energy efficiencies can be made; and right-sizing equipment for maximum effectiveness.

Our Design-Build Services free clients from the detail-intensive chore of selecting, coordinating and managing the various vendors and contractors involved in the design, construction and maintenance of a mission-critical facility. Ascent develops the qualification processes and bid packages to select the most qualified and appropriate vendor for each assignment in the project.

Ascent works with the Project Owner to establish an optimal procedure for equipment selection. We develop “short-lists” of equipment manufacturers and vendors, based on reputations, specialties and due-diligence reference reviews. Ascent manages the proposal and bid process; then we develop a comparative matrix with rankings and recommendations for the appropriate data center equipment. Ascent works with the Project Owner to prepare equipment contracts and coordinate delivery and installation.

Commissioning is essential to the successful deployment and continuing operation of a mission-critical facility. It proves the building and its systems work as intended. Since a variety of systems and components power and protect your facility, our engineers provide a number of certified services such as start-up supervision, commissioning and load-bank testing. They ensure each individual system and component performs optimally, on its own and within the integrated system.

Ascent is well positioned to support all types of Edge and Modular deployments. We have a long history of delivering reliable solutions ranging from site selection, new deployments, upgrades and expansions for all types of critical infrastructure. Ascent strives to continuously improve turnkey delivery services while adapting new technologies in the mission critical environment.

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