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Ascent Data Center Assessments

Start with a technical review of your capacity capabilities, identified risks, energy efficiency opportunities, and operational best practices gaps.

At Ascent, our technical data center assessments evaluate existing infrastructure and offer solutions for capacity planning, risks and remediation, energy efficiency and other site specific and critical facility portfolio needs. Areas that can be evaluated include architectural, electrical, fire protection, mechanical, security, building management systems, and IT assessments can encompass IT assets and networks audits.

Capacity Planning

Ascent capacity planning services assess the existing data center electrical and cooling loads, analyzes historic growth rates of IT demands on the infrastructure, and evaluates site capabilities. Then, Ascent provides technical recommendations for space, power and cooling plans. Capacity assessments provide customers design and budget plans to support critical load expansion or contraction strategies.  

For a turnkey solution with detailed MEP engineering services, learn more about Design and Design Management. For assistance with IT capacity planning, learn more about our hardware and network services.

Risks and Remediation

Ascent Risk Assessments provide a baseline of where your mission critical facility stands in the industry and a cost estimation path to improving overall performance and mitigating infrastructure risk. Our team evaluates data center single points of failure, environmental hazards and failure modes in building monitoring and building controls systems. Areas Ascent assesses reliability / resiliency risks in critical infrastructure include: 

  • Electrical system components such as alternate power source, switchboard and others.
  • Electrical system evaluations for example single points of failure, redundancy backup and system capacities.
  • Mechanical system components including chilled water, humidity control and moisture detection.
  • Mechanical system evaluations such as single points of failure, system capacities and building/hardware loads.
  • Fire protection systems such as detection, suppression and compliance requirements.
  • Security and monitoring systems including access control, surveillance and intrusion alarms.
  • Security and monitoring system evaluations, both internal and external, of potential breach points and staff, visitor and vendor accessibility.

At Ascent, we work with you to plan flexible remediation solutions to make the necessary improvements based on the critical facility risks, the required improvements, and your financial budgets. 

Energy Efficiency

Ascent Energy Efficiency Assessments identify opportunities within existing electrical power and mechanical cooling systems that will lower your total power usage. Ascent provides programmatic steps that allow you to gain control of your operating environment through the institution of leading energy management processes, systems, software automation, and control technologies.

  • Free Cooling Methodologies 
  • Containment Strategies
  • Airflow Management
  • Setpoints Review
  • HVAC Equipment Efficiency
  • BMS Sequences of Operations Review
  • Local weather data vs application review
  • Utility Rebate Pursuits
  • UPS Efficiency

Ascent helps clients improve overall site efficiencies, with quantifiable returns on investments, through our Energy Efficiency Assessments. Our recommendations result in the “freeing up” of power from inefficient mechanical and electrical performance in order for your current architecture to have the power and cooling capability to support business growth. By reducing your mechanical and electrical power usage, total facility power usage decreases and improves your data center’s Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) factor.

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