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Design, engineering, construction and operations solutions to make your mission critical operations reality.

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The Ascent Difference

Your Mission Critical Partner

 “Consistently deliver a smarter approach to managing every aspect of mission critical operations and infrastructure.”

This has been our brand promise since 1998. In the time since, Ascent has endlessly pursued this by consistently doing more, working harder, and seeking out new and innovative ways to be the best partner possible.

ascent difference

Today, backed by one of the largest privately held businesses and one of the largest private equity firms, we operate as a leading provider of solutions for mission critical environments. Through these partnerships, we’ve expanded our approach to building services, providing a wider range of technical support to mission critical property owners.

These pursuits and partnerships are the foundation upon which Ascent is built. What sets us apart, however, are several key differentiators, each one crucial in Elevating Mission Critical.

Comprising some of the most data-intensive and demanding critical organizations, our clients span across multiple industries, design topologies and property types. To ensure their continued success, we adhere to a number of core values that are ever-present:

  • Safety: This is our highest priority and have continually adapted our culture and safety program for safe design, construction and operations practices.
  • Availability First: At Ascent, we understand that uptime means everything — you can’t afford not to be up-and-running. That’s why we have complete focus early in the design process, so we’re able to meet your changing needs.
  • Complete Client Focus: To us, you’re not just another customer. We want to get to know you, your priorities and your goals. Whether you need a strategic business partner for a comprehensive program or a turnkey solution for a project-based challenge, we work hand-in-hand with you.
  • Continuous Innovation: Life moves fast, so we continually evolve to support our partners through their changing business needs, infrastructure conditions and new technologies. With over twenty years in the business, we’re both advanced and agile in bringing innovation and creativity to solve customer problems safely, reliably and efficiently.

We specialize in end-to-end solutions with a difference. From the first conversation to ongoing operations of your mission critical facility, we have made a conscious decision to offer you more. That means:

  • More experience in providing solutions for the mission critical environment.
  • More processes and procedures based on an uptime mentality.
  • More support with 24/7/365 involvement in keeping facilities up and running.
  • More attention with a network of engineers and operational specialists who offer unsurpassed technical knowledge across data centers and critical facilities.
  • More customization, with solutions that are insight-driven, sustainable & efficient over time.

A simplified platform for Data Center Operations with all the horsepower behind it that you could possibly need to run your mission critical operations, Ascent Navigator combines enterprise asset management, proven processes, and business intelligence into one platform.

Built specifically to empower you to have the information and tools available and necessary to making key decisions related to critical infrastructure, Ascent Navigator:

  • Provides operational visibility, helps identify problem areas, reducing risk and increasing uptime.
  • Is flexible and can be tailored to meet your specific business and technical requirements.
  • Can fit your needs through our in-house development and design team.
  • Delivers transparency and insight into infrastructure data across diverse critical sites, design topologies and work management systems.

At the core of everything we stand for, everything we do, it all comes down to the people we are privileged to have on our team. It is through their expansive knowledge, their vast expertise, that allows us all to come together and offer processes that have proven to minimize risk, maximize uptime, and elevate mission critical. These are the people of Ascent:

  • Team of tenured professionals proficient in a variety of skills related to mission critical environments.
  • With an expansive range of engineering discipline expertise on staff, including Electrical, Mechanical, Safety.
  • Empowered to serve as extensions of our partner client teams to offer capable, remote hands and site services in critical environments.
  • Reliable and trusted, these mission critical technical partners are dynamic, creative, and customer-driven.
  • Enhanced approach to building services designed to provide a wide range of technical support to mission critical property owners and investors, including extensive enterprise solutions, hyper-scale and new development opportunities.

At Ascent, we recognize that, as the usage of data increases, so increases energy usage and C02 emissions. With that, sustainability for data centers is of utmost importance and an ongoing area of focus — and while strides have been made toward a greener future, we firmly believe that there is always room for improvement. Find out more about how Ascent is making data greener while Elevating Mission Critical.

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