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Ascent’s Data Center Commissioning Services

Data center commissioning that delivers continuous engineering and construction support for a fully-tested facility.

Ascent provides data center commissioning services for every phase of data center design and construction. Our services are designed to support engineering and construction teams throughout the implementation process, and to ensure the delivery of a fully-tested facility to the owner. Ascent supports Data Centers, Mission Critical Facilities and IT Rooms, and Ascent commissioning services can help you avoid unplanned and costly downtime.

Ascent’s commissioning teams are led by AEE Certified Building Commissioning Professionals. We leverage our more than twenty years of experience delivering data center expansions, upgrades and ground up builds to bring efficient and time-saving processes. Ascent supports all data center and critical facility project commissioning through the following phases: 

  • Programming
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Acceptance
  • Warranty
  • Operations

Ascent brings site-tested methodologies and procedures to projects to validate construction, installation, and testing. The role of the commissioning agent is to support the owner and the design team by documenting and validating the delivery of the OPR and BOD. As such, the following is a standard set of deliverables for a data center commissioning engagement:

  • Requirements and Basis of Design 
  • Establish Scopes, Roles, and Responsibilities 
  • Electrical / Mechanical Design Review 
  • Develop Commissioning Plan 
  • Create Pre-Functional Checklists 
  • Verify Startup Testing 
  • Develop and Perform Functional Testing 
  • Documentation of testing, issues, progress reports, calculations, OPR/BOD, manuals 
  • Coordinate and Verify Training on Critical Equipment 
  • Seasonal Testing and Phased Testing 
  • Review Energy Consumption

In addition to validating and documenting the process of bringing a data center online, successful testing results in increased operational efficiencies and significant reduction in total cost of operations.

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