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Data Center
Maintenance Services

Inside and out, Ascent keeps you up and running. We can address and manage your critical data center maintenance needs by keeping your facility powered and lit, providing vendor access processes, and keeping the white space clean and optimized. 

At Ascent, mission critical focus starts at the top with our leadership team and is carefully ingrained in our maintenance processes to enable customers to focus on their core business operations. Ascent brings over twenty years of comprehensive experience in data center management, 24×7 staffing and support services, and business intelligence designed to empower customers with actionable data in a wide range of critical environments. 

Ascent single source, turnkey solutions for data center maintenance services is mission critical focused and maintains, services and repairs critical systems including:

  • Standby Emergency Generators
  • Diesel Fuel Storage & Fueling Systems
  • Electrical Switchgear, Distribution Systems, & Circuit Breakers
  • Automatic Transfer Switches, Transformers, & Panelboards
  • Grounding & Lightning Protection Systems
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (static & rotary UPS)
  • STSs, PDUs, & RPPs
  • DC Power Plants, Rectifiers, & Inverters
  • Batteries (VRLA, Wet Cell, Lithium-Ion, AGM) 
  • Chillers, CRACs, & CRAHs
  • Cooling Towers & Water Treatment Systems
  • Building Automation & Monitoring Systems (BAS & BMS)
  • Fire Detection & Alarm, Sprinkler Systems, Gaseous Suppression, & VESDA
  • Security Gates, Cameras, Card Readers, & Biometrics
  • Roofing, Elevators, & Rolling Doors
  • Raised Access Flooring

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Ascent provides data center and critical facility specific maintenance contracts and procurement processes with a nationwide reach and growing network of vendors made up of national, regional, local partners, and OEMs.  Interested In becoming part of our vendor network? Contact us with your service areas. 

Onsite Critical Facility Management

Ascent onsite Critical Facility Management teams provide site coverage, deliver maintenance program support, and assist clients with data center performance objectives and initiatives. 

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