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International Data Center Day: Empowering Tomorrow’s Data Center Leaders

International Data Center Day

Ascent is excited to be sponsoring the 2024 International Data Center Day on March 20. This day, powered by 7×24 Exchange International, is intended “to create awareness of the data center industry and to inspire the next generation of talent” and provides the industry an opportunity to demonstrate what data centers are, why they are so important to our connected world, and the wide array of career opportunities that are part of the data center industry.

7×24 Exchange International is a not-for-profit organization that provides an educational forum focusing on challenges faced by mission critical industry professionals. As an end-to-end mission critical solutions provider, Ascent understands the importance of providing critical infrastructure services, including data center design and build, operations and maintenance support, that maximize uninterrupted performance for customers across North America. At Ascent, we particularly resonate with International Data Center Day’s mission — “inspire the next generation of talent” — in the following ways:

  1. Ascent hires and retains professionals to support critical operating environments and mission critical projects across the country, such as:
    1. Critical Facility and Site Operations Personnel
    2. Mechanical, Electrical, and Professional Engineers
    3. IT Technicians, Infrastructure Design Engineers, Capacity Planners, and Technical Program Managers
  2. Ascent also hires and trains for a wide variety of internal roles that provide support to data center projects, onsite personnel, and operational activities. Great opportunities for those new to the industry include:
    1. Operations Center Reps
    2. Service Operations
    3. Software Development
    4. Finance
  3. Ascent elevates mission critical by actively promoting the industry, and by working with both universities and technical training institutions to identify, recruit, and train the next generation of data center leaders.

Data centers are designed to be highly reliable, provide systems and data availability at all times, and be energy efficient, secure facilities that safely house the equipment needed to support nearly every type of business. Despite employing many automated systems and programs, data center facilities and infrastructure is also designed, built, maintained and operated by people. There are more and more jobs opening in the data center industry, and numerous opportunities to get into a field that is mission critical to the operations of a wide range of companies.

Interested in a career in the mission critical data center industry? View our open positions here or contact our team directly to learn more at 1.877.427.2368.  We would love to talk to you about what the data center industry has to offer.

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