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Data Center ESG at Ascent

A crucial aspect in Elevating Mission Critical, and at Ascent as a whole, is the adoption of data center ESG principles: environment, social, and governance. Ascent is committed to operating with integrity, contributing to our surrounding communities, promoting diversity and inclusion, empowering our employees and preserving our natural resources. 

Ascent recognizes that our planet needs to be a sustainable home for current and future generations, and we are committed to managing its activities in such a way so as to prevent pollution and reduce adverse impacts on the environment. To do this, we maintain corporate governance policies, ensuring accountability and transparency, manage operational risks and uphold compliance with applicable laws, regulations and rules governing business conduct and ethics.    

As we continually endeavor to focus on ESG pillars, we understand that many actions that can be taken to execute greener operations require technical design strategies that can be implemented over time while remaining fiscally responsible.

At Ascent, we’re able to reduce environmental impact by operating data centers efficiently, assessing the need for building automation and energy management systems where possible to help reduce the impact on the environment.

The key is to start by recognizing the availability of options and opportunities achievable today to make a data center more eco-friendly and engaging an experienced partner to assess, plan, fulfill initiatives and provide a means to measure and track progress.

For example, through a multi-year study, Ascent was able to identify five main areas of missed efficiency opportunities, all of which are based on data centers’ mechanical systems and include:

  • Unmanaged supply airflow delivery losses
  • Supply-to-load airflow capacity losses
  • Supply airflow to load ratio exceeded
  • Return setpoints are too low and humidity setpoints are too high
  • Built-in equipment or system efficiency modes under utilized

Does your data center need an eco-friendly upgrade?

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For a greater look into approaches to greener businesses, facilities, and technologies, including contributions from Robert Painter, President of Ascent, check out the book “Greener Data: Actionable Insights from Industry Leaders”, available here.

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