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Sustainable Simplicity: Greener Data – Volume Two

Greener Data Volume Two

Earth Day is a momentous day in which we join together to reflect upon our choices as individuals, communities, and companies and how those choices impact our Earth. Add in the fact that, according to an International Energy Agency (IEA) report, data centers could consume more than 1,000TWh by 2026, and you realize that sustainability isn’t just a trending topic — it’s something to be embedded in our day-to-day practices.

Today is a momentous occasion for Ascent and the industry at large, as the much-anticipated second volume of Greener Data is officially released! Robert Painter, President of Ascent is a contributing author. The book features the voices, stories, and perspectives of our data center and network infrastructure leaders, focusing on four key sustainability topics: Aligning Measurements, Renewable & Clean Energy Solutions, Power & Cooling Innovations, and The Financial & Social Benefits of Going Green. 

In Greener Data – Volume One, our chapter Hidden in Plain Site explored the energy efficiency that can be gained by addressing low hanging fruit with existing data center systems and why these opportunities are so often overlooked. In Greener Data – Volume Two, we participate in the “Aligning Measurements” topic, where our chapter builds from our original foundation, diving deeper into the easily accessible gains related to cooling and airflow, with an eye toward measurement in particular. We look at examples and data to demonstrate what a considerable effect small (but meaningful) changes can have. We’ll explore how existing measurements can be applied to present-day, real-world systems every data center already employs. 

We welcome you to dive into the pages of this meaningful collaboration for the greater good of our industry, and world. Purchase the digital download or paperback version of Greener Data – Volume Two here.

Want to celebrate with us in person? Join us at the Greener Data Exchange – the launch of the second book, complete with an author roundtable, a book signing and a cocktail reception during International Telecoms Week. RSVP today!

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