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Ascent Data Center Smart Hands

Providing advanced and technical data center IT services.

These services are well suited for advanced technical or professional services needs where highly skilled technicians and/or engineers may be needed to accomplish a task or provide assistance with a complex system or network component, software application, or operating system.

Ascent provides data center IT technicians with our IT Smart Hands program, designed to help clients manage IT labor shortages and fulfill onsite coverage gaps. Ascent works with clients to establish SLAs to ensure prompt response times for critical work and provide technician resources on a scheduled basis to implement planned deployments and decommissions.

Supported by Ascent’s 24x7x365 Ascent Operations Center (AOC) and Ascent’s Navigator platform, clients can view the status of their work requests in real time. As a central resource center, the AOC facilitates ticketing communications, dispatching, and logistics between clients and technicians.

  • Data Center IT Audits and Assessments
  • IT cabinets, devices, equipment 
  • Facility, processes, and procedures
  • DCIM Consulting Services (BMS, EPMS, etc.)
  • White space drawings, data center floor plan, rack layouts
  • Servers, network equipment, storage hardware
  • Cabling audits to/from devices and patch panels and power cords

On Demand Program

The Ascent “On Demand” Smart Hands Program delivers technical boots on the ground to assist organizations with internal IT labor shortages and onsite coverage gaps.

Ascent offers customers IT technical resources on a scheduled basis to implement planned deployments and decommissions. With the support of the 24x7x365 Ascent Operations Center, Ascent delivers “On Demand” technicians for unplanned critical work with precision thanks to Ascent’s standardized data center work processes and service level agreement response times.

As a central resource center, the AOC facilitates ticketing communications, dispatching and logistics between customers and technicians. Customers stay in the loop with onsite activities through the Ascent Navigator Platform where they can view the status of their work request, upcoming requests, etc. in real time. 

Ascent’s IT resource bench is deep. Ascent has team members located across the country who support customer IT ticketing requirements. In combination with our national partnerships, Ascent delivers a comprehensive On-Demand Smart Hands Program to fit your needs.

Ascent’s data center Smart Hands service offerings include:

  • Installing or swapping pre-configured equipment or components.
  • Installing cross-connects from customer equipment to patch panels.
  • Moving or securing cables or customer-side cross-connects.
  • Installing customer provided software with default configurations or specific and basic customer-provided instructions.
  • Establishing or taking down a loop-back on a carrier circuit to assist in remote testing.
  • Diagnostic and signal testing a circuit with diagnostic equipment.
  • Loop-back testing for Telco circuits (DS1, DS3, OC-3, and OC-12, etc.).
  • Installation, configuration, or troubleshooting of specialized or complex infrastructure components or software applications (e.g. Oracle RDBMS, RAID solutions, Fibre-channel devices, firewalls, load-balancers, etc.).
  • Basic troubleshooting of customer equipment.
  • Assisting customer with physically installing, relocating, or movement of equipment.
  • Installing, replacing/removing equipment components (e.g. router/switch, internal module or card, disk drive, memory, etc.) that are hot-swappable and/or highly modular in design.
  • Swapping of pre-labeled, pre-ejected, removable media (tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc.).

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