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Facility Evaluations

Reviewing and evaluating existing infrastructure

Ascent provides a full spectrum of services that span the life cycle of mission critical facilities from the planning, engineering, build out to ongoing maintenance operations. Ascent’s knowledge of critical systems and their complete integration qualifies us as the right team to communicate the reliability and performance of your data center.

Our facility assessments evaluate the existing infrastructure and offer solutions, including budget estimates for recommended improvements. The areas addressed in an evaluation are: architectural, electrical, fire protection, mechanical and security.

Ascent's evaluations have helped clients improve their data center reliability as well as realize substantial savings in energy and operational efficiencies. Ascent’s comprehensive Facility Evaluations are conducted by our subject matter experts in the electrical, mechanical, architectural, fire, life safety and security fields. In addition to evaluating the reliability and dependability of your mission critical facility, Ascent looks for ways to improve the manageability and control of critical systems.

Ascent Facility Evaluations include these areas:

  • Capacity
    • Measures electrical and cooling loads
    • Analyzes historic growth rate of IT demands on electrical and cooling loads
    • Evaluation of site capabilities for growth expansion

  • Reliability
    • Analyzes mechanical and electrical redundancy uptime requirements
    • Identifies single points of failure

  • Efficiency
    • Baselines energy usage and identifies areas for efficiency improvements using thermal analysis, air management strategies and free cooling opportunities

  • Operations
    • Defines security site access control, man-traps, cameras, biometrics and other systems pertinent to your data center's protection
    • Analyzes Methods of Procedures (MOPs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for best-in-class operations
    • Evaluates staffing models and maintenance schedules

Facility Evaluations define current data center performance and reliability metrics as well as identify areas in need of remediation. Maintain your business continuity and maximize uptime by starting with an Ascent Facility Evaluation.

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