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Getting to know your business

A Needs Analysis is the fundamental first step in the planning phase of a data center project. When you want answers but may not know the right questions to ask, our Needs Analysis will quantify the requirements for your mission critical projects.

Our analysis is a team process of collecting information about your business before defining your mission-critical facilities’ goals and designs. For the past seventeen years, Ascent has helped clients define their mission critical requirements, evaluate past performance obstacles and provide data center program plans in accordance to their project limitations. The Needs Analysis addresses the following issues

  • Business Needs - Provides analysis of your reliability requirements and growth projections
  • Performance Gaps - Identifies and delivers solutions to eliminate performance obstacles
  • Task Analysis - Reviews existing operating and maintenance procedures, design criteria, and operational performance measures
  • Project Constraints - Analyzes the project limitations and proposes alternatives

We offer you an upfront look at budgets, schedules and upgrade options based on your program requirements for mission critical facility improvements. When your requirements warrant a new facility, Ascent will deliver you flexible development options as well as budget estimates, schedules and a selection of appropriate spaces or sites.

Our team operates with a complete client focus on high availability: listening to, responding to, and anticipating what your needs and business goals are and how to reach those goals in an efficient, economical approach while maintaining business continuity and maximum reliability. Ascent is committed to ensuring that the business, financial and operational requirements of the data center are achieved. Contact us to learn why Needs Analysis is the best first step in any data center project plan.

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