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Risk Assessments

Analyzing your data center's reliability

Since 1998, Ascent has provided reliable solutions for mission critical facilities. Our team of subject matter experts in the mechanical, electrical, architectural, fire/life safety and security fields coordinate a comprehensive study of the data center and its systems for a thorough Risk Assessment. This study identifies areas inhibiting reliable performance.

Through this process, Ascent determines the reliability, redundancy and effectiveness of your data center and its equipment. This Assessment is founded on a best practices analysis which will outline the status of your infrastructure and the operational, security and maintenance programs that can be optimized for increased reliability of the mission critical infrastructure.

Our team identifies infrastructure areas and delivers flexible program plans for making the necessary improvements. Ascent works with you to plan, organize and control allocated resources to meet all cost, time and performance objectives for your data center project. Ascent reviews the following areas in the data center:

  • Electrical system components such as alternate power source, switchboard and others.
  • Electrical system evaluations for example single points of failure,redundancy backup and system capacities.
  • Mechanical system components including chilled water, humidity control and moisture detection.
  • Mechanical system evaluations such as single points of failure, system capacities and building/hardware loads.
  • Fire protection systems such as detection, suppression and compliance requirements.
  • Security and monitoring systems including access control, surveillance and intrusion alarms.
  • Security and monitoring system evaluations, both internal and external, of potential breach points and staff, visitor and vendor accessibility.

Ascent’s Risk Assessment provides you with a baseline of where your mission critical facility stands in the industry and a cost estimation path to improving overall performance and mitigating infrastructure risk. Our mission critical clients span multiple industries, Fortune 500 firms and service providers. Call to discover how your data center compares to industry standards.