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A Legacy of Leadership in Mission Critical Facility Support 

Ascent Legacy of Leadership

Recapping 25 Years of Excellence in Mission Critical Facility Support

As we conclude our legacy of leadership blog series, commemorating 25 years of unwavering dedication and support to our customers’ data center and critical facility needs, we reflect on the invaluable insights and milestones that have shaped our journey.  

It is truly an exciting time, and we are particularly grateful for our customers, whom it has been a distinct honor to serve for this quarter-century, as well as our senior staff and employees, all of whom have played key roles in helping us deliver top-of-the-line solutions to our customers. We would like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to both groups and to offer this summary of what we are celebrating. 

Since our founding in 1998, our team has grown to include engineering, facility operations, maintenance contracting and services, IT site services, and more, across the U.S. and Canada — and we are only continuing to grow. While our mission has always been one of managing and maintaining mission critical equipment, we’ve refined this mission over the years to one of improving critical facility reliability, finding customer savings, and implementing value-added strategies. Additionally, we’ve expanded our suite of services to cover data center engineering and turnkey project delivery, data center construction, operations, and maintenance management.  

All of which has facilitated not merely servicing our clients but empowering them in their efforts to achieve optimal operational efficiency. 

Data centers can only function effectively when compliant IT solutions and fault-tolerant, reliable products are in place—and Ascent takes pride in enabling our customers to achieve this. In the ecosystem of data centers, the relationship between Information Technology (IT) and facilities management has become increasingly central to operations and overall functionality. As this industry has evolved, the complexity of the role of IT in business, infrastructure, and facilities has expanded dramatically. Not only has Ascent positioned itself at the forefront of this shift, but we have tailored solutions for customers to meet the associated challenges.  

One of Ascent’s technological achievements and cornerstone has been the development of the Navigator Platform for Data Center Operations. This one-of-a-kind platform was created in response to customer feedback and the need to support our customers’ critical infrastructure and facilities. On the drawing board, its original function was to aggregate data centers’ facilities and equipment systems. Since its inception, however, the Navigator Platform has expanded far beyond its initial capabilities. 

Today, the Navigator Platform gives our customers real-time visibility into their data centers and critical facility operations. It provides customized data across various critical sites, design topologies and work management systems, and can be customized to a business’s technical and financial requirements. Once implemented, the Navigator platform allows the Ascent team to oversee business intelligence so that our customers can focus on their core business. 

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and their rapid integration into the market, we have been working closely with our customers as they move to support the rapidly changing infrastructure requirements of these technologies. The demand in the market for AI is now driving time-to-market demands on mission-critical contractors in a way that the Data Center Market has never seen before.    

In addition to our commitment to innovation, Ascent has always sought to reduce risk, increase uptime, find cost savings for our customers and implement value-added strategies to their operations while keeping safety and satisfaction as top priorities. With our continued growth, we plan to keep our customers’ needs as our priority, using our aggregated experience and collective expertise to address the ongoing challenges our customers face in their mission-critical facilities.  

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