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Ascent: Elevating Mission Critical

Ascent Elevating Mission Critical

After 25 years of serving the mission critical industry, Ascent is excited to present new branding that communicates not only the depth of our years of service but the promise we are making to our customers and team members for the years to come.  Ascent’s strength is in its core values, which unite a team that is solely focused on supporting its customers. Our new brand platform is “Elevating Mission Critical.” It is a simple, direct statement with three words that embody a philosophy that informs every decision, action, question and answer, every moment of every day.  

Ascent has delivered solutions for every aspect of mission critical operations and infrastructure. From data center design and builds all the way through operations, ongoing maintenance and support, Ascent is the way to uptime.

Ascent Core Values

So, how do we elevate mission critical?  The first half of the answer is through our core values of prioritizing safety twenty-four-seven, always providing availability first, immersing ourselves in complete client focus, and continuously staying ahead when it comes to delivering innovation and creativity.  

Here’s what that means:

  • Safety 24/7 means that the welfare of all stakeholders is the highest priority: safe design, construction, and operational practices to support the continuous operation of data centers.  
  • Availability First means designing and delivering reliable, safe, maintainable, and flexible facilities.
  • Complete Client Focus means that our technical resources and expertise are available when you need them and focused on your success.
  • Innovation and Creativity means we are continually evolving to support our customers by cultivating innovation and creativity in our people, processes and technology and turning viable ideas into real solutions.  

Elevating mission critical comes through the values that we look to operate our business.

The Ascent Team

How do we implement our values and bring them to life? It is our people, an incredible team of mission critical experts, and their acquired knowledge and experiences across engineering, operations and technical disciplines, all working in tandem. We can offer custom-built end-to-end solutions to be sustainable, efficient, and insight-driven. 

Additionally, we’re able to provide Navigator, the foremost platform that combines enterprise asset management, proven workflows, processes, and business intelligence to ensure that you always have the information necessary for your mission critical operations. 

And finally, through this team and their tireless sustainability efforts, we strive and push to make this world a greener, better place for all generations. 

Elevating Mission Critical: Three words at the core of everything we do, everything we are. Three words, thanks to our team of experts, represent an endless source of hope, optimism, ingenuity and originality.

We are Ascent, and we are here to elevate mission critical.  We are excited and energized to be your mission critical business partner. See our video and sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know of what’s to come from us in the future!

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