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How Do You Improve Your Data Center Workflow?

While uptime is a given, the challenge in daily data center operations is seldom the equipment itself, but rather the management of workflows designed to ensure its proper operation. In some ways, the CRAH units and UPS system run themselves. But to ensure that they continue to do so day after day means managing the data that they produce, the contractors that service and repair them, and the processes in place to keep the operation running smoothly.

The Operations Challenge

It seems like the more equipment you have, the more sites you manage, and the broader the geography, the greater the challenge in managing workflows. Part of the challenge is that the industry does not necessarily provide the tools you need to get the job done. While DCIM and other monitoring packages have taken great strides in providing real-time, current state information, they aren’t designed to help manage your equipment portfolio.

Stopgap Portfolio Management

Many companies manage their critical sites with traditional property management software and processes, while others have been forced into expensive work ticketing systems with limited in-the-field support capabilities. Unfortunately, this is a little like the proverbial square peg in the round hole. Traditional property management software simply isn’t built for the equipment and processes found in data centers.

Worse probably are manual processes, checklists, and Excel spreadsheets. This approach leaves room for error, and reporting on a multi-site portfolio is difficult at best. Often maintenance service records and documentation aren’t centrally located, which means an onsite tech can’t quickly access current MOPs or service history. On the financial side, this approach makes it difficult to tie costs to specific equipment, which makes it difficult to identify areas to improve operations and reduce energy consumption and expenses.

The Platform Solution

At Ascent, we think the key is to simplify critical facility management for mission critical sites and infrastructure is through purpose-built software and targeted services. Critical facility managers need an operational platform that provides a key connection between their facility teams, maintenance providers, and our 24×7 live support. It is important to streamline the maintenance contracting, maintenance services and invoice processes in order to capture data to provide real time information to facility managers and executive leaders for portfolio oversight and SLA tracking.


Looking to learn more about improving workflows and operational reliability in data centers? Watch our new Navigator video for solutions to these and other critical facility management challenges. You can also contact our team directly to learn more about critical facility management solutions at 1.877.427.2368, or email us at

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