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How to Stay on Track with Critical Systems Maintenance in 2021

2021 has arrived, and like them or not, so have the New Year’s resolutions! Ultimately, you might not be thinking about the tools and maintenance programs, or lack thereof, that should be implemented now, but when it comes to your nationwide portfolios of critical sites and data centers, you should be! Ascent understands the importance of protecting and maintaining those systems, and with Ascent’s Navigator Platform, we’re able to track, manage and adapt programs portfolio-wide and at the site level.

At Ascent, we provide the ability to realign a portfolio’s planned maintenance, adjust the maintenance scopes or frequencies based on business-specific and site-specific variables in conjunction with your objectives, and accurately and metrically report on all facets of the critical environment. Keep reading to learn more about how Ascent prioritizes our customers’ needs with necessary pivots, and keeps a heavy focus on your core business operations.

Ascent evaluates the portfolio’s maintenance and financial data to identify areas for savings. This may be as simple as pinpointing above average spend for an asset or site, or even helping shift preventative maintenance programs from an industry-accepted frequency model to a more predictive model or evidence-based asset management such as oil testing vs. standard oil replacement.

Navigator also provides customized dashboard KPIs to give a real time look at SLAs, so challenges of deficiencies can be seen right away and corrective action can take place before it’s too late. For example, Ascent’s maintenance scorecard identifies delayed or deferred maintenance real-time, which can not only impact equipment performance but also affect compliance with maintenance guidelines.

Reasons for Maintenance Program Adjustments

  • Informed Decision Making – make informed decisions with a maintenance program when all of the data is accessible, filtered by a variety of relevant criteria and exportable.
  • Cost Effective – save money with right-sized equipment scopes and competitively priced maintenance.
  • Time Savings – save significant time, effort and expense associated with a maintenance program adjustment or overhaul, by leaning on Ascent to implement program improvements and changes.
  • Audit Support – simplified document management and timely document retrieval of asset work within Navigator for client audit support.

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