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Our Philosopy

Ascent is guided by a set of unique core values that have shaped every part of our business. You'll see this in everything from how we build client relationships to the services and strategies we recommend. We have a clear set of core values around what we do:

  • Safety 24x7 - Safety is the highest priority at Ascent. Over our history, we have continually adapted our culture and safety program for safe design, construction and operations practices. Ascent utilizes Virtual Design and Construction as well as Operational team member collaboration as part of our High Risk Assessment program to ensure we deliver safe construction and ongoing operational life cycle for our employees, our clients' workforce and our partners.

  • Availability First - You can’t afford not to be up-and-running. Uptime is everything in mission critical facilities. We focus on uptime early in the design process with the equipment and partner selection through commissioning, delivery and operational methods developed to build a reliable, safe data center environment. Availability first - designed to be flexible and forward thinking with your changing needs.

  • Complete Client Focus - For us, it's about getting to know you and what you want to achieve. Then, we'll work together to build the plan to get there. As a strategic business partner, we deliver a comprehensive program to meet your ongoing mission critical goals through carefully planned initiatives. For project-based infrastructure challenges, Ascent takes an advisory approach to determine the right solution that best meets your needs. Then, we turnkey the solution, or we work hand-in-hand with you on delivery.

  • Continuous Innovation and Creativity - With our in-house teams specialized in data center design, construction and operations, we continually evolve to support our performance-oriented customers through their changing business needs, infrastructure conditions and new technologies. With twenty-one years in the business, our team is both advanced and agile in bringing innovation and creativity to solve customer problems safely, reliability and efficiently.

All four of these core values work together; it's not enough to follow just one or two. We believe by following this approach it will help meet or exceed your expectations along the way.

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