Published December 8, 2020

It’s no secret that Dallas is one of the country’s highest growing data center markets. The city was recently rated No. 3 among global data center markets by Cushman & Wakefield’s global Data Center Market Comparison.

It should also come as no surprise that as the old saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas! This includes the set of challenges such as unpredictable weather including tornadoes, hail and heavy rain, that Dallas can bring.

When faced with the choice of choosing a Dallas data center, you’re presented with many options, so why choose Ascent’s DAL1 data center?

For starters, the DAL1 data center is located in a premium location and can withstand 360mph winds, and includes 15” reinforced concrete walls, a 13.5” reinforced concrete roof and an 8,000-pound blast door at the loading dock. The facility was built to handle an EF5 tornado and provides additional security integrations including sensors, biometrics and CCTV. Initially equipped with 2.7 MW of critical power and on 4.3 acres, the site easily accommodates data center expansion of up to 5.4 MW Critical.

Additionally, the 43,300-square-foot facility offers up a 17,700-square-foot, server-ready data hall and offers expansion capabilities for up to 74,400 square feet for a total of 40,000 square feet of raised floor.

For organizations looking to take advantage of the Dallas market, but not willing to sacrifice connectivity, security and resiliency, Ascent DAL1 data center is the solution. At Ascent, we have a deep understanding for our customers’ needs; protected and flexible options for safeguarding data.

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