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Operations & Maintenance Services

Ascent Navigator - A comprehensive platform for Data Center Operations Management with all the horsepower behind it
that you could possibly need to run your data center(s). Watch our video to learn how we support mission critical operations.

Ascent is a leading provider of comprehensive data center solutions for the design, engineering, construction, and management of systems critical to the daily operations of data centers. Ascent is founded on the values of mission critical facilities - availability first, service with minimized risk of downtime. Since our inception in 1998, Ascent has established a history of improving critical facility reliability, finding customer cost savings and implementing value-added strategies for our clients’ operations.

Ascent’s data center operations and infrastructure management resources centralize the Operations & Maintenance of your critical facilities. Our team provides solutions for the following:

  • Asset inventory and site engineering assessments
  • Site requirements documentation
  • Enterprise asset management, document and work order management
  • Maintenance procurement and scheduling coordination
  • Personnel from facility and IT site staffing to 24x7 Operations Center Support
  • Financial integration and accounting coordination
  • Building management systems integration and AOC/NOC monitoring
  • ITSM Tie-Ins and Support
  • Mobile app
  • Data Center KPIs for Federal Compliances
  • DCIM Consultation

Ascent delivers the above in a comprehensive, integrated offering designed to deliver customers real-time visibility into data center and critical facility operations. The Ascent Navigator is our client dashboard designed specifically to support critical infrastructure and facilities.